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If you're looking for an affordable vehicle that expertly combines performance with luxury, we recommend test-driving a pre-owned Volvo S60. Here at Volvo of Worcester, we believe safe, capable, and comfortable Volvo vehicles should be available to everyone.

That’s why we carry a wide collection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Volvo cars and SUVs, and the Volvo S60 is one of our most popular pre-owned models. Make sure to ask these five questions before you drive home in this iconic sedan.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pre-Owned Volvo

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is an excellent choice if you’re looking for lower down payments, lower monthly costs, and a smaller rate of depreciation. Here are a few questions to ask when learning more about a pre-owned vehicle:  

  • "What was it used for?" The Volvo S60 makes an excellent commuter car, which might mean there are quite a number of miles on it. Check the mileage count to ensure you’re getting the right car at the right price.  
  • "Is the interior in good condition?" Volvo vehicles are known for creating a luxurious driving experience, especially when it comes to handling and safety. Inspect the navigation and entertainment features in the cabin to make sure they're in good working order.
  • "Which safety features need to be upgraded?" The reason so many parents love pre-owned Volvo cars is because they’re safe and reliable. Make sure to check out the safety features so you can drive with peace of mind.  
  • "What is the service history?" Proper service saves you money and keeps your vehicle safe and responsive on the road. A well-maintained pre-owned vehicle is always your best bet when it comes to finalizing your purchase.  
  • "Does it need any immediate work?" You want to know any immediate service or maintenance needs for your pre-owned vehicle, as it can help you plan costs accordingly.  

Our pre-owned Volvo S60 models are some of our most popular vehicles here at Volvo Cars of Worcester. Schedule your next test drive in a pre-owned Volvo vehicle today!

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