Swedish automaker Volvo Cars has issued a call for governments around the world to help resolve the gap in road safety between countries with developed economies and those that are developing.

Each year there are 1.35 million fatalities due to auto accidents worldwide. However, data from the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that travelers in developing countries are over three times more likely to die in traffic than those in the developed world.

Volvo asserts that seat belt usage and road infrastructure are the key factors in enhancing automotive safety worldwide.

The Power of Seat Belts

If global governments were to enact and enforce seat belt laws, Volvo believes it would do much to improve road safety. The automaker claims that automotive technology must be paired with an awareness of seat belt usage to promote a stronger global safety culture.

Volvo has a long history with automotive safety technology and innovation. In 1959, it introduced the first three-point safety belt. Along with child restraints, the three-point belt is considered the most important safety feature in an automobile.

Collaboration for Road Safety

Volvo has also been generous with its deep knowledge of automotive safety. It has long collaborated with governments, academics, and regulators to improve safety.

For over 40 years, Volvo has worked with regulators in Sweden to develop safety-enhancing road technologies. Among the improvements are deformable lamp posts, improved guard rails and walkways that are separated from the road.

The company also recently made a database of safety-related research available in an open database.

Addressing The Global Traffic Problem

Volvo notes that seat belt usage is required in only 105 countries around the world. The company has called upon the United Nations to influence governments toward adopting front and back seatbelt laws.

In addition, over half of all road traffic in the world consists of non-automotive sources such as cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

Volvo Cars suggests that improvement in road and walkway infrastructure could help protect these travelers.

At Volvo Cars Worcester we are proud to support Volvo's efforts to improve automotive safety all over the world and in cities like Leominster, Sterling and Shrewsbury. We all benefit when Sutton, Fitchburg, and towns all over Massachusetts become a safer place to travel. Feel free to get in touch with our Worcester, MA new Volvo dealership to learn more about the Volvo brand's innovations in safety.

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