When you think about Volvo cars, you most likely think about the quality, safety, and technology that makes them stand out from the crowd. At Patrick Volvo Cars in Worcester, we’ve always believed that the Volvo S60 was a standout model in the luxury sedan space, and now Intellichoice has lent credence to that belief. Visit our Volvo dealership serving Leominster and Shrewsbury to find your new S60 model today!

The Intellichoice Best Value Award

While the idea of luxury may not immediately come up when discussing luxury sedans, the Volvo S60 brings so much to the table that it couldn’t be ignored for very long. With the reliability, quality, and safety of the Volvo S60, it handily took the Best Value crown over the competition.

For drivers in Sutton and Sterling, this means you’ll spend much less to keep your Volvo S60 on the road than competing models. Measured metrics include the going insurance rates, finance charges, and five-year cost of ownership figures based on maintenance and repairs. The Volvo S60 came out ahead of the competition in all categories, meaning your overall cost to own this sport-luxury sedan is thousands less than it’s closest challenger.

Insuring the new Volvo S60 is a staggering $3,735 less expensive than the second-place BMW 430i and an even more impressive $6,753 less than the third-place BMW 440i. Repair costs for the Volvo also clocked in at $288 under the pair of German sedans. The Volvo S60’s biggest advantage though, is in the initial cost. Because there are different trim levels available, you can get into a new Volvo S60 for approximately $4,000 more to get into the next closest BMW model, and one step above that is another $8,000 gap.

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Test drive the best value luxury sedan in Worcester when you visit our dealership today! The new Volvo S60 is just waiting to be seen and loved, so pay us a visit and take one for a spin!

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