The 2020 Volvo XC90 is the Perfect Family Vehicle

Six or Seven Seats? The Choice is Yours in the 2020 XC90

These days, it seems like the standard full-size family SUV has to have at least seven, if not eight seats. However, for most families, who have just one to three children, that many seats can be a bit overkill. Not only that, but they can get in the way. Fortunately, the 2020 Volvo XC90 allows drivers that choice. From the four-seat Excellence trim, to the standard seven-seat configuration and now, yes, a six-seat option as well.

Why Six Seats?

The simple answer is access. With seven seats, getting to the third row can be an absolute chore, especially if you’d prefer to leave the child seats or booster seats in place. Removing a seat allows for much easier access as well as mobility inside the cabin, so physically getting to the third of seats will be easier than ever.

What Else is Coming?

Of course, the 2020 XC90 is going to offer much more than just unique seat combinations. The CitySafety package is included, and is the only such system on the market that recognizes hazards such as cyclists and large animals, helping you avoid more than just obvious obstacles like pedestrians and stopped traffic. The cross traffic alert technology is also improved, offering autobrake to stop you if you haven’t reacted quickly enough to an oncoming vehicle.

Inside, Volvo has introduced some new materials to the options list, including a wool blend, and Android Auto and Spotify have been added to the Sensus infotainment system as standard features.

Contact Us to Learn More

While the 2020 Volvo XC90 won’t be released until later in 2019, you can still contact our team to learn more about the upcoming upgrades to this luxury family SUV. Or if you don’t want to wait, visit us today and get to know our existing lineup!

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