Volvo Cars' Vehicle Lineup Electrification Plan



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"We are determined to move our entire portfolio of vehicles into electrification. This is a clear commitment towards reducing our carbon footprint as well as contributing to a better air quality in our cities. We are convinced that the future of Volvo is electric..." Those are the words of Hakan Samuelsson, the President and CEO of Volvo Car Group.

Beginning in the year 2019, all Volvo vehicles with internal combustion engines will be supplemented with electric propulsion. Some vehicles will be offered with electric assistance, and others will have more dedicated plug-in powertrains.

From 2019 to 2021, Volvo will launch 5 purely electric vehicles. These will all be based on Volvo's scalable product and smaller compact modular architectures.

If you've been thinking about buying or leasing a premium electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, but have been holding off, consider a Volvo plug-in or electrified vehicle in the future!

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