Volvo Cars' Vehicle Lineup Electrification Plan



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"We are determined to move our entire portfolio of vehicles into electrification. This is a clear commitment towards reducing our carbon footprint as well as contributing to a better air quality in our cities. We are convinced that the future of Volvo is electric..." Those are the words of Hakan Samuelsson, the President and CEO of Volvo Car Group.


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The Volvo XC40 Small Premium SUV Is Coming Soon


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Volvo will be releasing a new small SUV soon - the XC40. This if the first time Swedish automaker Volvo will be entering the small premium SUV segment. And if Volvo's past and current vehicles are any indicator of what the XC40 will be like, car-buyers should expect an innovate, upscale vehicle with sleek exterior styling and a comforting interior.


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The Volvo XC90 Delivers Fine Craftsmanship and Modern Technology


Robin Page, head of interior design calls the XC90 "a hand-crafted very well detailed very well executed car" that exists in a space in time where technology and design are starting to merge, for the benefit of both. The XC90 is a fine example of how beautiful aesthetics and functional safety and infotainment technology can mix to bring the flavor of the past and the convenience of the modern together.


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The 2018 Volvo XC60 Marks Second Generation of Best-Selling SUV

The second-generation Volvo XC60 is due to arrive in Worcester dealerships this fall. The complete model redesign keeps the versatility and luxury that made the first-generation XC60 one of the best-selling premium compact SUVs across Europe, and adds to it sophistication in style and handling.

The 2018 XC60 has more elegant proportions than its predecessor, long, wide, and low to the ground, making it a standout beauty in its segment.

It is offered in three trim levels: Momentum, R-Design, and Inscription. Each delivers a luxurious experience; even the base model, eschewing all optional packages, comes standard with a stargazing-worthy panoramic…

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